Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is a Start

I never pictured myself as someone who would sit down at a computer, pick out a few thoughts that swirl around in my mind, and end up throwing them into the humming world of the internet. I also never thought that I would work for the IT department at my college; after all, it's not common practice for a student to put down a Western Lit book in order to help with a computer problem. None of those things really matter, though, for the point of this blog is to glean more experience and try something new. I will doing quite a bit of traveling this summer, so I though this would be a tranquil venue for capturing the places and people I bump into along the way.

For now, the most interesting thing I've done all day is plug in speakers for a woman who happened to be too confused to find their little electronic home in the back of her modem. Not too stimulating, but it is still rather satisfying. Maybe it's the teacher in me longing to experience that moment when the light-bulb suddenly turns on. Or maybe it's the boredom screaming for me to leave my desk. Either way, it was still satisfying.

I get off work in exactly 3 minutes. Then the day is mine! The end of the work day is the beginning of my own little adventure. How will I spend this "time between the times"? Where will I find myself when the sun dips behind the plateau?

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