Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Can't Believe It.

I made a pact at the beginning of the semester that when I'm driving somewhere, I'd only listen to 90.5 -- the Classical Station. I created this pact because I was disgusted with a song I heard (I really don't even know what it was) when driving back into Dayton after I arrived home. So, whenever I'm in the car, I listen to classical. And I love it.

So in the car yesterday to go have dinner, and a song was playing on the popular rap channel that I do like. So I listened to it until it ended and paused to see what the next song was. Naturally, I had no idea what the song was, for it's been for months since I've really listened to any popular music channels (I just recently figured out that the "Party in the USA" song was by Miley Cirus). But there was one line that the rapper "sang" that caught my attention: "Her love is so WIFI."

I decided the song is not worth three minutes of my time and changed it in time to listen to the last half of a concerto by an artist I'd never listened to.
But that line stayed in my head. It made me sad for a generation of people who believe that love can be something without commitment, come-and-go, and no-strings-attached. When I think of love, I think of my parents. Theirs is a love of complete commitment, staying-for-a-lifetime, and everything-comes-with-it-(including-the-junk). I would never in my wildest dreams have constructed a simile of that stripe.

It makes me sad, oh it makes me so sad.

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